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F a Q Wedding

We are looking for something really different. What can you offer?
For the couple looking for a truly unique experience in Bali, we offer many unique wedding styles, such as; elephant rides, bungee jumping, sailboat cruises, diving, helicopter transfers, etc. in connection with the ceremony or parties. Anything you can think off differently just let us know and we will make it happen.

How do I start to plan my wedding?
1. Before you book your wedding arrangements, please decide what you require:
2. Choose your wedding venue, you can ask us to recommend a suitable private villa, hotel or restaurant
3. Type of wedding ceremony: Legal or non legal, vows renewal, blessing ceremony
4. Style of ceremony and dress: Western or Balinese
5. Make-up artist & hair stylist
6. Photography and/or video shooting
7. Wedding package or custom-tailored arrangements
8.Wedding dinner: Western/Indonesian/BBQ/Seafood; Buffet style or Set Menu
9. Entertainment: Life band, DJ, Balinese dance performance, Gamelan music, fireworks

We are only looking for a local wedding ceremony as we already have all legal documents. What choice do we have?
You can choose either the "Balinese Wedding Ceremony" or the "Protestant Wedding Ceremony" without the legal part. Please look at "Religious Packages" for more details.

What religion should we choose for the legal wedding?
By the Law of Indonesia, for a legal wedding the couple is required to be of the same religion. However, if you are of Christian Faith, we would recommend a "Protestant Wedding Ceremony" as you won't need any certificate from your home church.

What kind of wedding venues can I choose from?
1. Wedding Villa ONE DAY PASS is available for the date of your choice. This allows you 8 hours use of a villa with one bedroom, private pool & garden. Festive decoration of the wedding area, welcome drink, a bottle of sparkling wine, car & driver. Extra charges apply if other people in addition to the wedding couple are using the villa.
2. Choose from Bali's beach front restaurants with Western set dinner. Many restaurants offer Wedding Packages priced from USD500.00 and more which includes decoration of the wedding area.
3. Choose a hotel. Again, you have to pay for the Wedding Diner and for the decoration of the wedding area. The amount depends on the specific hotel's wedding packages and is around USD500.00 to USD5,000.00
4. Book a private villa with for 4 or 5 days. You can use your private garden with swimming pool for the wedding ceremony, and you will enjoy the services of your private cook, house staff and car & driver during your entire stay. You'll save considerably on food & beverages as you are charged only market prices for the ingredients required to prepare your meals during your stay.

What choice of wedding dress do I have? offers various enormous wedding boutiques which offer a choice of white bridal dresses as well as many evening dresses in different styles and colors. All collections are high quality export. The boutiques are frequently updating their dresses model to the latest fashion and style.

Can I trust your make-up artist?
Our professional wedding planner believes that you should be as beautiful as possible on this important day and the best make up should look natural but stunning. With cosmetic products such as MAC, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Guerlain etc our make-up artist delivers what he promised. Also to avoid any disappointment, we offer a "Free Test Make-up" two days before your wedding. This way you can work together with our make-up artist to achieve the result you expect.

Where can we see pictures to judge the skills of your beauticians, hair stylists and photographers?
All photos on the web site are shot by our professional photographers with all make-up done by our make-up experts and hair stylists. Please visit our pages and judge yourself. You may have your own time to discuss with our hair stylists and photographers in order to tailor made you specific request.

What is the difference between LUXURY and SUPERIOR photo shoots?
Luxury photo shoot: The photographer is highly professional, trained and speaks fluent English, therefore, able to communicate with wedding couples with ease in regards to the style they want. All photos will be presented in a "Custom Photo Album" and retouched with highly computer effect to give better and impressive result.
Superior photo shoot: This is a standard photo shoot where the photographer is a trained professional but speaks only limited English. The photographer should pair with local guide to assist the language translation.

Can you arrange the shooting of wedding photos only if we don't book a wedding ceremony?
Yes, we offer our "Special Wedding Package" which specializes in photo shooting. Our make-up artist and hair stylists will make you feel like a super star with two different hairstyles. Photos can be taken on the beach, in a tropical garden, in a private villa, in a Balinese temple, etc. Finally you can bring home you fantastic wedding photo albums back home with a lot of beautiful memories.

We have been married for several years already and are looking for a "Wedding Vows Renewal". Can your company handle that?
The company services are not only for new couples. Our professional wedding planner has arranged many "Wedding Vows Renewal" ceremonies in the past. These can include a Balinese or Protestant ceremony with a priest or you can create yourself the ceremony of your dreams.

There are some items in your wedding packages we don't need. Can we deduct them from the package price?
These prices are only for complete packages which actually include a number of components without extra charge. If you don't want to book the complete package, please send us separate email to custom-tailor your own wedding package.

We are overseas. Can you negotiate for us the price for the dinner and/or decoration if we decide to get married at a hotel?
Once you have confirmed to be your wedding organizer, we will handle all arrangements including negotiations for your wedding venue and reception, dinner party, etc.

Why should we use your services instead of going to a hotel directly?
Many couples may opt to go directly to the hotel due to slightly lower prices. However many services are not included if you really read through all details. There are many advantages in using services. We will be able to handle all communications in regards to dealing with the hotel directly when it comes to minor or major negotiations from the start of you are planning to the wedding day itself. When you are busy on your wedding day, the last thing on your mind is to deal with such issues.
All our services are in professional team, from photography to make-up & hairstylists and florists who are all professionally trained. The company selects specific wedding boutiques with dresses for rental and/or purchase, and this includes an area for your make-up trial.

When should we make our reservation?
Please book all arrangements as early as you can to avoid any disappointment on getting the dates and venue of your choice. We prefer to have a minimum of 60 days before the big event to book the priest and other officials, the musicians, dancers, photographers, and to secure the best wedding venue for you. The earlier you book the better, although we do not decline a last minutes wedding booking. The company has right to reserve and decline any last minutes booking if our professional wedding organizer thinks the time frame for the wedding day is too tight.

How can we book our wedding?
To confirm all arrangements, please send us the completed reservation form with your credit card or PayPal account details by e-mail or fax.

Phone : +6281 916 796 999 / WA whatsapp wedding in bali - Your wedding day will be unforgettable

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